Infographic Draft

Here is the link to my Pinterest and my very bare Infographic.

Infographic Draft


One comment

  1. DV · October 2, 2015

    1. I learned statistics about recycle, reuse, reduce on aluminum, glass and plastic.
    2. The cycle between the 3 Rs is very clear and gives the viewer a good understanding of the main topic of the infographic.
    3. I would like to see a title and maybe a sentence on top describing the title and the purpose of the infographic. Also in the caption of recycle you mention “material deleted”, I am not sure if that’s the best verb to use. The unemployed vs recycling jobs graph needs a sentence or a title explaining what the plot shows.
    4. The use of green color is perfect for the topic. The red is very distinctive. The unemployment plot looks like it’s out of place while everything else ties together very well.
    5. Two things to improve: Add a title and purpose of the infographic. Add more interesting graphs that are different than a green bar chart.


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