My Live Tweeting Experience

Storify: Everton-Manchester United

Because I have followed live tweets of soccer games before, I kind of knew what to expect.  Overall, I think it added to my experience.  It kept me engaged in the game and I really had to think about how each team was playing and what the patterns of the game were.  Trying to follow other live tweets and watch the game was slightly distracting, but didn’t take away from my experience too much.  Even though I was just live tweeting a soccer game, I think it showed that live tweeting can be a valuable resource for note taking.  Live tweeting keeps the viewer engaged and involves them immediately in the conversation.  The only drawback is the possible distraction of formulating a tweet or following your timeline; however, when used effectively, Twitter and live tweeting can keep the viewer engaged and involved in the conversation.



  1. jackthethird · October 22, 2015

    There is a good amount of supporting “official” tweets in here that do a good job of validating what you say in your tweets, and the images are really good at breaking up the twitter format.


  2. austinsweny10 · October 22, 2015

    I like how you incorporated the different clubs tweets during the game, something I did not think of when I did my live-tweeting. I also like the picture behind your title and description, another thing I did not do on mine. Real good job covering the game!


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