Best Blogs

The blog posts I chose as my best for the quarter were The Best Times to Unplug and The Daily Show and Fair Use.

I think The Best Times to Unplug was one of my best posts because I think it is very accessible when it comes to reading it online.  The paragraphs are short and there are multiples pictures and videos to keep the reader engaged.  It touched on some topics early in the class about being unplugged and how we are affected by technology.  I think this post was very easy for readers (specifically other students in the class) to relate to because we are always on our phones and laptops.

I think The Daily Show and Fair Use was a quality post because I think I was able to write a very practical example of Fair Use.  I enjoyed writing about this topic because I watch The Daily Show on a regular basis, so I believe that improved my overall writing.  I think my post does a good job of introducing the topic of Fair Use and then expanding on how Jon Stewart uses it to his advantage.  By pointing out this example of Fair Use, I think that people could begin to see that Fair Use is a common thing in society.

The two comments that I chose as my best are on the blog posts Harry Potter to the Rescue! and A Rose-Hulman Student Does Research On Clickbait. What He Discovers Will Leave You Speechless!.

I think my comment on Matt’s post about the Harry Potter Alliance added to the conversation about the audience.  I offered my opinion on the questions he posed at the end of his post.  I also furthered his comments about the audiences of fan movements and how appealing to certain groups or fandoms is a great way to gather support for a cause.

My comment on Zach’s blog was helpful because it used an example from our in class readings to further the discussion.  My comment referenced the reading that discussed stickiness and spreadability.  It gave a new example that Zach didn’t use in his blog post.

Blogging was a really interesting experience!  I doubt I will continue it, but I really enjoyed it as a way to put my thoughts about certain topics out into the world.


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  1. sarahesummers2014 · November 13, 2015

    Turner, your blog was consistently interesting and well written. You had a knack for finding engaging, contemporary examples that really added depth to our class discussions. The Daily Show post is a great example of that! Great work.


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