Advocacy Project: #WhyIRecycle

  1. The purpose of my project is to encourage people to recycle through an interactive hashtag in which people can share statistics and personal experiences.  My hope is that people of all ages who recycle will share why they recycle.  People who recycle are my initial audience, and hopefully the message will be spread to those who don’t recycle.  I want people to share personal experiences and to encourage a lifestyle change in other people so that they will begin to recycle too.
  2. I plan to create a hashtag that people can use for my project.  I think a hashtag is something that can be spread very easily and people can easily join in the conversation using that hashtag.  The hashtag, #WhyIRecycle, gives people a reason to share their experiences or statistics about recycling.
  3. I think that Twitter will be the most effective way to get this hashtag to spread.  Hashtags are most prominent on Twitter and a lot of people access it daily.  I think a good way for it to start spreading is to make an initial tweet explaining the hashtag.  From there, I hope to contact friends and encourage them to use the hashtag and spread it to their friends as well.
  4. I don’t have any questions as of right now!

One comment

  1. sarahesummers2014 · November 5, 2015

    I think this is a great start! But one tweet and a hashtag isn’t going to be enough for the project. If you develop a full strategy of sending out several tweets (maybe one linking to your infographic, another to a news story) that use the hashtag informatively and the several others that do some fun/interesting/emotional visuals about what you (or friends you recruit) recycle, I think you’ll be closer to a well developed project. I love the idea! Just keep running with it.


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