Meme 1 Meme 2 Meme 3

Millennials are the target audience for these memes.  Our generation is criticized on a regular basis about our technology use and how this technology is making us stupid.  These memes are satirical in nature and almost mock older generations for their criticisms of us.  The picture of the grumpy old man was chosen to show the displeasure that the older generation feels about modern technology.  The text shows that everyone, even the older generation takes shortcuts or has alternate ways of doing things.  The text also ridicules common myths, which often have very little evidence supporting them, about our technology use.  I also think the sarcastic text furthers the argument and also encourages people to share it if they find the sarcasm humorous.  I think that many people can relate to these memes because these are common things said to our generation by older generations.  People can also relate to these memes because “Kids these days…” is a common medium for a joke at the present time.  There are countless pictures circulating the internet with this saying as a caption.  It appears regularly and is often said as a joke.  The general argument of these memes are that our generation is not as bad as many people say.  We may use technology more and this technology may influence us, but not that severely.  The purpose of these memes is to debunk the myths that technology is bad for our generation and for society in general.  I think the combination of the picture and text captures the essence of how the older generation feels about Millennials and vice versa.


One comment

  1. cmorwolves · September 17, 2015

    That is very interesting insight. I would not have thought about these memes being a portrayal by the younger generation of how the old folk stereotype the youth. I really only saw the memes as stereotypes of the youth, but they were made by the youth (aka you). Thanks for opening my eyes to that.


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