Live Tweeting Sports

Twitter is the best medium on the internet for updates of a sporting event as it happens.  It is easy to follow a sporting event on Twitter because you get short, instant updates as the game unfolds.  While these updates aren’t the same as watching the game, it is certainly a good alternative.  With that being said, following a stream of live tweets about a game does more than just update you on what is happening.  By following live tweets, you can see what other people think about the game.  It creates a discussion between fans, analysts and the organization about how their team is playing or why their coach should be fired.

Twitter even encourages athletic organizations to live tweet in order to connect more with their fans.  When used effectively, live tweeting can keep fans updated, as well as engage them in what is happening within the team.  Although Christopher Long discusses live tweeting in an academic/conference setting, he still addresses the different types of tweets that make live tweeting effective.  Tweets that summarize or give an update on the game’s action represent a large portion of live tweets.  The commenting tweet is also very popular in the sports world.

The commenting tweet adds a thoughtful remark that moves the conversation in the stream in a new direction. The best commenting tweets bring new insights to the ideas articulated in the lecture.

Official Twitter accounts of sports organizations or media outlets, such as US Soccer, are more likely to post tweets that summarize the events of the game.  An analyst, such as Alexi Lalas, is much more likely to use commenting tweets to discuss the action as it unfolds.

Personally, I know I benefit from sports events being live tweeted, especially soccer.  Because some European soccer leagues do not show games in the United States, I turn to Twitter to follow the game.  Being able to tune in to those live tweets on my phone or laptop is invaluable as a fan.  If I am not able to watch the game, I can still be updated and see what people have to say.  Even if you are not active as a live tweeter, live tweeting benefits fans of all teams in all sports.  Do you use Twitter to follow sports?  What are some events you live tweet or follow live tweets for?



  1. murrdadog · October 15, 2015

    I definitely follow live tweets of sporting events! When I’m on those long bus trips in the middle of nowhere and far from a television or radio, I switch to Twitter to see what’s going on. Live tweeting is truly an invaluable tool to society! Good post


  2. austinsweny10 · October 15, 2015

    I am a big Twitter fan and use it mainly to follow Chicago sports. I am the same way when I can’t watch a game, I try and follow it on Twitter and am constantly refreshing my feed especially if it’s intense. The reporters I follow mainly use commenting tweets as you said with Alexei Lalas. I live tweeted the Cubs game on Monday night (they stomped the Cards) although I don’t live tweet too much during games. And Manchester City is my squad on FIFA!


  3. Redd500 · October 15, 2015

    I don’t watch sports all that much, so I don’t follow the live-tweets either. I’m pretty sure the only tweets about sports I’ve ever really seen are people being snarky about teams, players, coaches etc. and I’m pretty sure that’s because I only see news about that stuff, which focuses on the negative. I refuse to believe that all of the social media posts about sports are snarky and negative.


  4. jroetker · October 15, 2015

    I am not a huge Twitter fan, but I can appreciate the things that is does for sports. As mentioned it can be a great compromise to watch on Twitter when you don’t have the ability to watch on TV.


  5. hojnacse · October 15, 2015

    Live tweeting is definitely a good way to follow far off events. Especially large sporting events you can just follow the relative hashtag so that you see what everyone is tweeting about and get the full spectrum of opinions and views. especially when you see how the opposing team fan bases are viewing the game. For example, when the men’s world cup was going on, in the Germany vs US game, Germany scored the only game in the goal. After this point the US fan base got super upset and there was 3.4 ‘nazi’ tweets a second referring to the game.


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